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11th June 2023.

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Content: What's the Buzz with

AWhat's the Buzz with Teenagers? book cover universal social and emotional literacy resource (2019)

Each lesson's key social and emotional principle is presented below.

A vital element of quality teaching is communicating to both teachers and learners exactly what the learning intention is. By doing so everyone has the chance to develop an awareness about 'where we're going,' 'what's been accomplished?' and 'what's left to do?'.

This is part of building a predictable learning environment which assists students to tune in, be more proactive and find success.

Lesson 1:
the ins and outs of friendships

Lesson 2: what is a friend?

Lesson 3: getting attention

Lesson 4: wellbeing and social media

Lesson 5: empathy

Lesson 6: resilience

Lesson 7: dealing with disappointment (loss and grief)

Lesson 8: handling anxiety

Lesson 9: responding to dominating behaviours

Lesson 10: being hurt, trolled or abused online

Lesson 11: maintaining relationships; feedback and compliments

Lesson 12: effective listening

Lesson 13: Competition, winning and losing

Lesson 14: charity; acts of kindness

Lesson 15: perseverance

Lesson 16: Self-identity