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16th November 2015

TheBug Archie audio files are now playable again.



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What's the Buzz? books

Whats the Buzz book covers

What's the Buzz? set of 4 Archie posters

What's the Buzz? posters 1 and 2

What's the Buzz? posters 3 and 4

Archie's Big Book of freindship adventures

Archie's Big Book of friendship adventures cover

The material on this website companions the following books –

What's the Buzz? A social skills enrichment programme for primary students
What's the Buzz? for Early Learners A complete social skills foundation course
Archie's Big Book of friendship adventures cover (available May 2015)

To run a programme you’ll need one or both of the What's the Buzz books.
Books can be purchased from this website.

A subscription to this website will secure online registration. Cost is $300 (AUD). It is a site license allowing everyone in your school or organisation access. Annual renewal is $100 (AUD).
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Online registration provides –

  1. 4 online TRAINING MODULES. These take about 2 hours to complete and give automatic online accreditation. Ideal for facilitators wishing to run a programme, but are not able to join our Training Days at Sophia. Equally useful for those wanting a deeper appreciation of the programme and how to work relationally with young people.

  2. Direct access to the 32 FULL COLOUR ARCHIE IMAGES from the What's the Buzz? Early Learner's programme. These will fill your electronic whiteboard and have the children spellbound as they listen to Archie's stories. There are 2 Archie images for each of the 16 lessons, and there's the additional option of having the authors read each Archie story to your children. Sample ARCHIE IMAGES from the first 3 lessons are displayed below;

    Lesson 1 of 16: Meeting friends and discovering differences!

    "Let's meet Archie"

    Archie and friends waving goodbye Archie and friends waving goodbye

    Archie's BIG BOOK can be purchased from It contains the 16 captivating Archie stories and all the images. It is an engaging way for children to listen to the story and re-experience the key social principles.

    Lesson 2 of 16: Joining in

    "Archie wants to join in"

    Archie in classArchie and friends playing with toys

    Lesson 3 of 16: Sharing and taking turns

    "When sharing got hard"

    Archie not sharing toyArchie laughing with friend
  3. Online registration also offers social skills games for children to play together, role-play cards, snap playing cards, skill cards, with compliments cards, achievement and graduation certificates, worksheets, PRE and POST GROUP social functioning surveys and a specialised facility to track the progress of children. The idea is to make preparation of the resources much easier.

  4. Each of the 'After the Buzz, social thinking ideas for parents and caregivers' from both What's the Buzz? manuals. They are offered as 32 separate Word documents so they can be easily edited and distributed to parents as handouts, or be included in your school's or organisation's newsletter.

The authors also run What's the Buzz? Training Days at Sophia to provide participants with personalised accreditation.

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What's the Buzz? books.

Whats the Buzz book covers